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Membership for those who need to reduce stress and anxiety.

Learn to let go and be yourself using the healing power of colour and Zendoodles.

Time to Relax, and Have Fun with Mindful Moments of Colour!

You are Here Because:

Colouring is a known way to de-stress and calm the mind into a relaxed state.

If you are looking to de-stress and reduce anxiety through creative means,

If you are looking for new colouring pages straight to your inbox,

If you are looking take care of your mind and allow yourself to relax,

Then this is the place for you.

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What is the Colouring Room?

A simple little email membership for those who would like to de-stress, relax, and colour away worries and doubts.

In this monthly membership, you will receive:

  • A colour inspiration.

  • Colouring pages.

  • Affirmation printables.

All via email so you don't even have to log in to a site to use it all.

Content Delivered Monthly

What You'll Get

Get Ready to Get Colouring!