A Cloud of Color

My Colouring Tribe

A membership & community for colouring enthusiasts like you to grow your skills and create colourful masterpieces.

You are Here Because:

  • You love to colour.

  • You want to improve.

  • You want to learn.

  • You want a community.

Colouring is a known way to distress and calm the mind into a relaxed state.

If you are looking to improve your colouring skills and develop your own style of colouring,

If you are looking for a safe place to share your work and feel proud of what you create,

If you are looking for a community to be part of that will lift you up and support you,

Then this is the place for you.

What is My Colouring Tribe?

A membership and community for colouring enthusiasts like you to share colouring success safely and it is an ongoing resource for learning how to colour.

In this monthly membership, you will receive

  • Monthly colouring workshops.

  • A colour library at your fingertips for any project.

  • Colouring page each month to colour in following the workshop or your own way.

  • Mindset trainings, affirmations and mantras.

  • A community of like-minded people there to support and help each other.

What You'll Get

Content Delivered Monthly
  • Workshops

    Build your colouring skills and confidence

  • Lineart

    Lineart of the colouring pages from the workshops

  • Colour Library

    A whole library of colour inspiration for any project

  • Community

    Like minded colouring enthusiasts just like you

Get Ready to Get Colouring!

  • Strengthen your colouring  skills and confidence

  • Cultivate a creative practice to help ease stress

  • Make choosing colours to use easy!