Free Pages

Last year was undoubtedly one of the worse years for a lot of us. So for the next month or so, I'm putting together some resources to help with mental health during the pandemic.

No sign up is required to download these resources as I understand that's the last thing you need; another place asking for an email so they can send emails that might not resonate with you at the moment.

I am in the same boat and would rather have the choice than have to sign up during a time that choice is so limited but, please be mindful, this is for a limited time.

No catch, just a passionate creative looking after her world.

So choose your page, grab a drink, get out those colouring supplies you've always wanted to try and relax, take some time for you.

Love, Charmaine XO

P.S. Images are not representative of the files contained in some cases - you're getting them before they have been released! Also, if you do want to sign up, feel free to do so - you don't have to though.