The Amaryllis is a late Winter early Spring flower but can grow indoors all year round also - mine do. I have to note though, that my first Amaryllis started off red and got whiter every year!


Pride, determination and radiant beauty.

Pride doesn't have to be an ego, it has other meaningful definitions(one has rainbows!!) but, for example, it can also be the pride a child has for completing a race - even if they didn't win.

Determination to succeed, or perhaps the grit to keep going. Yeah, I know, both are the same thing but both also spark a different emotion to use in your work.

Strength is a common definition used in a lot of art. If we think about the Amaryllis flower, it is a single strong stem with up to 4 individual flowers at the top - certainly explains the word strength in its meaning.


Remember that these prompts are there to spark creativity and although they are static at first glance, a bit of research could open up some ideas for new art.

Use the hashtag #cbartprompt to show me your work!

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