Cute Little Griffin

The Griffen, Griffin or Gryphon is one of the more known mythical creatures. It is usually depicted as a half-bird and half-lion.

For this piece, I wanted to keep it simple as it is a design for a t-shirt etc.. Usually, I would go all out with as much detail as realism as I possibly could but this time I was feeling the cartoon vibe and wanted to do something cute.

The style used here actually only took me about an hour from concept to full colour. I kept it loose and decided to use the linework as a border which is not my usual style but well worth it.

Once I finished the Griffen, I didn’t want to take too much attention away from her so for the background I kept it very basic and minimal so she would stand out more on a t-shirt design or a bag.

You can get the colouring page from my shop and various items such as mugs, t-shirts, tote bags.



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