Digital Art Fantasy Dragon Dancer Colouring Page + Print

A dragon dancer is sort of like a snake charmer. The dancers have a beautiful flow of movement which elemental Air dragons just cannot resist.

One of the greatest challenges that I remember facing when I first started drawing was movement. For this piece I wanted to show passion and movement and, of course, it had to involve a dragon!

The movement of August, the dancer, was built up of 2 or three poses that I had drawn in my sketchbook and I wanted to portray that she has the ability to charm a snake-like dragon which was inspired by East Asian dragons for their long body that can twist with the movement of the dancer. I think a Western dragon might have looked a bit stiff trying to fold its wings with its body which is why I chose a traditional East Asian one to draw inspiration from.

I kept the colours simple partly because *cough* I’m a bit rusty and partly for the overall aesthetic of keeping the attention on the flow and movement of the piece and not to overbear it with vibrant, overpowering colours.

Where to Purchase

The digital colouring page is ready for you to download and colour in my website shop! You can also get a digital 'print at home' version in my Etsy shop! The print is also available on various other items such as tote bags, mugs and clothing.

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