Learning Dotwork and Linework Illustrations with Fineliners

For the longest time, all I have loved to do is sit and draw. I even like it more than painting or digital work. I wasn't really aware of the title some of my work had though and that was 'Dotwork'.

When I was three, I began my journey as a young aspiring artist. I drew patterns and lines that didn't really make any sense to anyone but me. I loved it and started putting in shapes and dots. I even drew a never-ending line in the background of one of my character designs when I was 11. It was made up of various different coloured glitter and metallic gel pens. I also did them with a felt tip pen, pencil, crayon - anything I could draw with really.

[neverending line image]

Yes, never-ending lines were fun, mostly when you challenge yourself with a bigger sheet of paper each one but, I wanted to draw animals and nature. Plain lines looked flat and average. What I really wanted from my hand-drawn illustrations was a bit more depth and variation.

Thankfully, I'm with Skillshare and there are literally hundreds of tutorials from web design to pen techniques. I gained some confidence in my own penwork while learning different ways to draw with pens.

A recent class I took, Introduction: Drawing Galaxies With Black Fineliners Only by Lonneke Idema.

*Use my link to get 2 months free skillshare access - not sponsored by them but I would love that! It only cost £10 a month to learn from thousands of courses from lots of different teachers. Again, not sponsored just a happy user of their service and I may even make a class someday.

Give it a try and see what you come up with!

These designs are available from my Redbubble store and as print-at-home files in my Etsy store.

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