New Workshop | How to Illustrate a Realistic Wolf Face in Procreate

Updated: Apr 9

One of the reoccurring themes seen across the digital art world is wolves. Why wouldn't they be a common subject of art and illustration? They are beautiful, they are a challenge with all that fur and they are the closest living relative to dogs.

Four of the six steps to painting a wolf face digitally in Procreate.

One of my favourite pastimes is to paint digital paintings or draw fantasy scenes with paper and ink which is why I decided to open a membership for artists and illustrators that will help us all with our mindset, skills and inspiration.

After some thought about the membership and what is offered there, I came to the conclusion that I can better serve more illustrators by offering my masterclasses as a one-off payment option outside of the membership.

Of course, this doesn't include the Q & A session and other parts of the membership - that would not be fair for my wonderful community inside The Thriving Illustrator. That being said though, students of the course will still be able to ask questions and get answers just not in a live setting.

So, What is this Course and How Does it Work?

The course covers every step of the painting from the initial sketch from a free reference to the final realistic wolf. By the end of the course you will have a better understanding of a wolf face and how to draw them, techniques and tools to further your study and 2 beautifully finished art pieces that you can share with your own audience.

It is designed for those who have some understanding of painting programs but, I go through the whole process from choosing different tools, picking the colours, and sketching from a beginner's perspective.

The program I use to teach from is a program on my iPad called Procreate but, generally, you can create a similar piece of work using other painting programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI and even Gimp(which is free). You may need a graphics tablet if you plan on using a painting program on a PC rather than an iPad and Procreate But, speaking from experience, a similar result can be made using a mouse and the opacity setting - not covered in this masterclass.

The masterclass is currently under development as I want to put as much value into it as possible. Be sure to sign up to keep up to date with the contents of the course and when it will be released!

Hope you have a wonderful day.

For Android, I recommend getting a *HUION Inspiroy Ink H320M as you can use it for both your phone(check compatibility) and your PC, it's affordable(at under £70 at the time of writing this) and it's pressure sensitivity levels are amazing!

*This post contains affiliate links. Please be aware that I only recommend products I like and have actually used/tested out. The Huion Inspiory Ink tablet, for example, I did a short test on my Instagram on IGTV and have used it for some of my digital work - and I love it!

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