What is 'Style of Art' and How to Find it

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Throughout most of my artistic journey, I had been struggling with finding what style of art and illustration I like. I tried many different types of things that I thought was "style" in the art world but still couldn't find one I really like doing.

Unfortunately, this led to a massive breakdown in my art. It became very difficult to motivate myself into drawing. I compared my work far too much with the work of other talented creatives. The worst part though was the actual anxiety I got if I even so much as looked at a pencil.

From realism to cartoonism (it's a thing now, heh!), I tried so many styles! None of them seemed to fit what I wanted my personal and unique style to be. I tried using different palettes of colour, different mediums and varying styles of colouring techniques.

A Hard Journey into Finding my Style

It was a hard journey but then I realised something. I was looking at style in the wrong way. One reason I was never satisfied was that mine didn't look like the one I was trying to imitate the 'style' of. The main reason, however, was I just didn't find other artist's styles and techniques enjoyable which led to boredom and lack of motivation disguised as creative block.

What is Style?

What is style anyway? Is it a particular look, a set of colours, a specific composition used in every piece the artist produces? I believe that style is nothing more than what we find fun when creating art. Art is meant to be fun after all, right? So why is it we always try to do something that is not us, something we ultimately don't find enjoyable.

The truth is, no one can tell you what your style is because it is unique to you.

Listening to many creatives, they all seemed to have the same idea when it came to finding your own style. Choose art and illustrations you like and draw from those to develop a style. My thoughts though, for a new creative it is incredibly overwhelming and not really where we should begin. Learn to draw what you see first, then learn how other artists use colour, light and composition to make their unique style.

What if Style was this Easy?

What if we tried just drawing in our own way and developed that first? It's one focus, which is far easier than focusing on multiple things at once. Remember, we are all unique, your true style isn't going to be different from this fact.

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Let me know how you found your style, or maybe you're still searching for it. If you try my short style process above, let me know how it went. You can tag me #clbailey or @clbailey on Instagram.

Look forward to seeing what you create!

Have a wonderful day,

Charmaine x

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