Zen Garden!

of Art and Creativity

Learn to let go and be yourself using art and creativity.

The Zen Garden! is a new membership community for those who need to find time to re-align with their goals and dreams, reduce stress and anxiety, draw for fun with mindful art, and create with confidence.

Time to Draw and have Fun with Mindful moments and Confidence!

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Is This Membership Right for You?

Life can be incredibly overwhelming at times and we often forget to take care of our minds.

This membership will guide you to make more time for self-care in the form of drawing for fun with mindful moments and confidence. It uses techniques from Zentangle-inspired, Zen Doodle, Basic Drawing and the use of colour.


Drawing, colouring and mindset tutorials at your fingertips.


Like-minded creatives to help and support on another.


Create and keep a strong mindset for creating more with true passion.


Colour palettes, drawing and art prompts monthly challenges and more.

In most cases, we spend more time learning about a subject rather than actually doing it or we get so caught up comparing ourselves to others so much that we stand in our own way; not this time, we are going to cut through it all and just focus on what we need to when we need to in order to move forward.


Are you ready to start drawing yourself into a healthier and more creative mindset?

Only open twice a year

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