Welcome to my Site! My name is Charmaine.

Mixed media artist, designer and photographer based in the UK.

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My work, as an artist, is inspired by the world around me and my general love of living to the fullest! Although not centred around one subject, in particular, I love to paint animals (including pets) and fantasy worlds, people and creatures.

Mostly I paint digitally but I do use various other mediums such as ink or acrylic paint and sometimes chalk or pastels. I’ve always had a love and interest in art from a very early age but I’ve never seen it as a way of work; until now.

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Photography has been a big part of my life for many years now.

As a photographer I love to take photos of anything I find interesting but, I am a little obsessed with macro shots of flowers right now.

At the age of 13, I found photography. My mother enjoyed it so she bought me a wind-up flash disposable camera to take some photos of my own one holiday. There were so many beautiful sights and angles to take pictures from that I couldn’t stop. Since then, I have upgraded my equipment a lot and have plans on changing camera again quite soon – I’ll write a post on that later too.

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The Blog

My interest in business and social media is quite a recent thing. In 2015 I started my first blog(blissful tiger) and posted my first post that happened to be a photo of my favourite place in the world. I didn’t expect anyone to find it but within an hour 5 people had loved it. It’s not a lot I know but, for someone new to blogging, it got me hooked.

Now I am doing what I love and helping others to do the same! I write about business, social media, blogging, photography, art, confidence and various other things.

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It is my belief that we should all do what we love and live a life of passion and creativity no matter what form it takes in our lives. I love gaming and making random art videos which for me is my biggest form of creativity.

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