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Hi there! My name is Charmaine and I am a UK based professional mess maker that specialises in wildlife and nature illustration. *Yep you read that right, professional*

I draw, I paint, I take photos of nature, I tell stories that spark imagination, I drink lots of tea and water, I am a mother(both to humans and a furbaby), and I am a gamer. These are the things I love to do in my life and the reason I find happiness every day.

Want to Support Me?

I’ve been asked time and time again to add a donation button to my site so that anyone can support my journey as a professional mess maker. So you lovely followers get your wish!

And thank you for asking to support me because you know I couldn’t ask; you know who you are!


I also have a Patreon which I have just started(Dec 21) so you can also support me there too.

Prettify Your Space

Shop for my prints and artwork on all kinds of things from cushions and mugs to backpacks and cosy jumpers(AKA sweaters for my international charms). I’m always expanding so if you have ideas on what you might want to see in my shop, throw me a message here.


I Sometimes Write Stuff

Do you like reading and/or learning? Great! This is a place I sometimes write my thoughts, how to’s, step by step processes, freebies, and business stuff. If you’re not that much of a reader, not to worry as some of these strange words that are called blog posts will become videos on my YouTube channel - If only I could figure out the right setup!


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