I like building things, arguing with computers and 'prettifying' the internet.

My name is Charmaine and I am a multipotentialite with many creative pursuits.

from the age of 3 I have been drawing, painting, writing stories and taking photos of the beautiful world we live in and lots of other things in the same field.


Now as an adult -ish, I love to drawpaintsculpt(although not very well yet), write, take photosblogdesign, play games and so much more. There are even things I haven't even heard of yet - so if you know of any interesting creative things, let me know!

"It is my belief that we should all do what we love and live a life of passion and creativity no matter what form it takes in our lives ~ Charmaine Bailey"


I am also a web developer and create applications, websites and games but that's not for here!

If you are looking for my photography, it's moved to a new home but still owned by me. Visit Nature's Bliss Photography to keep up with my photography.

My Brands

Dragonfly Basement



Nature's Bliss Photography

Design and Illustration

by Charmaine Bailey

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