CharmaineHi there! Welcome to my site. I’m glad you’re here.

Hi! My name is Charmaine and I am an artist, photographer and YouTuber. I’m also a mum of three little monsters and two cuddly furbabies(dog and cat). I’m a creative go-getter who loves all things bright and colourful. I love to take photos, create art and play video games.

It is my belief that we should all do what we love and live a life of passion and creativity no matter what form it takes in our lives.

So if you love art, photography, gaming and just about anything creative then you’ll be right at home here!


More About the Artist

Digital painting of a cute griffin faceCharmaine started drawing at the age of three and has loved it ever since. At the age of 10, she decided she wanted to be an artist and despite a lot of negative comments from family, friends and teachers and being told to “get a real job” she continued to pursue her lifelong dream of being a fulltime artist.

After having her first child, Charmine decided to put her art on hold to pursue a career in Web Development(a “real” job) but always felt that something was missing.

Art and creativity have always the main focus of Charmaine’s career and after 6 years of minimal to no art, she has returned with a blazing passion to her original dream. This time, however, she is equipped with the ability to code along with it!

Disclaimer and Other Things

Some of the posts on this site are from my own personal experiences and are not to be taken as professional advice. You should seek help where you need it from a trained professional as I had done.

DragonFly Basement and DeviantArt are two places I love to share my creativity with the world. If you like art, you should go check them out.

Please do not take content from either DragonFly Basement or this website without my written permission as the content of these sites belong to me unless stated otherwise.

Across the site there are affiliate links, these will be marked with a ‘*’ and if you follow them I may gain a commission from them.